2-story steel frame knock-down vacation house is a combination design of a residence, And the resort together In the same building with a design that is simple...

     2-story steel frame knock-down holiday house is a combination design of a residence. And the resort together In the same building by designing all areas of use Functions that look simple, modern, meet all needs With a natural feel, consisting of 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, a shared lounge 2 rooms upstairs and downstairs to do activities together There is 1 common kitchen, consisting of a cooking counter Counter bar for chilling food There is a balcony for relaxing in all rooms. To sit and feel the wind Morning and evening atmosphere And the entrance terrace is an L shape. It looks natural with the fresh mountain atmosphere.

• 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, 2 rest rooms, 1 kitchen with a private balcony in every room And an L-shaped entrance balcony
• House size (width x length) 17.00 x 14.00 m.
• Knock-down house, strong steel frame with TISI standard
• Layout can be adjusted as required.
• Exterior wall with decorative wood paneling
• Interior wall with laminate patterned / decorative wood
• Patterned vinyl flooring / tiles
• Smooth ceiling Heat protection
• Production time 30-45 days.